Amigo at HAU1I Cabdance

Assistant director

May – June 2014 | Berlin

Coordination rehearsals

International artist

Support international team

Communication surface tech / stage / costume design / music


Kadir “Amigo” Memis is a dancer and choreographer living in Berlin. 1993 him and Vartan Bassil established the famous bboy crew “Flying Steps”. Besides that Amigo is co-founder of the communication platform “Dance-Unity” and creates pieces for stage. “Cabdance” is a production by Goethe-Institut Jakarta and HAU1 Berlin and celebrated its world premiere on June 24th 2014 at HAU1.

For „Cabdance“ the choreographers Amigo aka Kadir Memis and Jecko Siompo deal with dance in limited spaces. They pick out lack of privacy in the Asian region as a central theme and put it in contrast with the way of life in Germany and the sense of privacy according to that.

Jecko Siompo originally comes from Papua Indonesia where he grew up with a diversity of local dance traditions and tribal culture. He moved to Jakarta to study dance at the Jakarta Institute of The Arts. He immersed himself in Ballet and Streetdance. The further he was away from Papua the more he seemed to understand its traditions and he started not only to explore his own dance culture but in addition to that also to connect his tribal dance backround with „western“ hiphop culture. Jecko went to New York in 1999 to absorb more of the fascinating foreign danceform that appeared so familiar to him. He became known for his unique danceform called „ Animal Pop“ in which he mixes typical animal movements from monkeys or kangaroos for example with Popping elements. In his latest theater piece „We came from the East“ he turns dance history upside down by proclaiming Hip Hop was born in Indonesia.

In opposition to Jeckos backround Amigo grew up in a small village called Bilecik in West Anatolia Turkey. His parents left him with some relatives and moved to Germany to escape poor countrymens life. Meanwhile little 10 years old Amigo worked as a shepherd with a violent uncle who often punished him for mistakes he made. The silent boy oscillated between domestic violence and a peaceful life surrounded by nature. Finally his parents could affort to bring Amigo to Berlin/Germany. The uprooted boy that didn`t understand a word of the foreign language became silent in school. Only when he came in contact with other kids dancing on the streets the ice started melting. They tried to copy dancemoves from a film called „Beatstreet“ that had a great impact on the children. He never stopped dancing ever since and after years he finds himself as a professional dancer. For his dancetheater he gets off the main tracks of so called original Hip Hop which he considers to be boring after so many years of doing Battles and he tries something new by merging his own traditional Turkish dance culture with Hip Hop elements. In „Zeybreak“ he blends a very old and slow Turkish dance called Zeybek with Breaking elements. He keeps on developing that new invented style and still goes deeper. In his latest play „HüZün“ he explores the definition of manhood by deconstructing not only masculine gestures but also different aspects of upbringing that shapes bahaviour and the way of thinking.




CABDANCE (2014 – Choreographer/director: Kadir “Amigo” Memis)
Assistant director

June 24th, 2014 – Premiere
June 25th, 2014
June 27th, 2014

website Kadir “Amigo” Memis

Pictures by, Kolja Brandt

In the picture: Kadir “Amigo” Memis, Jecko Siompo, Ismaera Takeo Ishii, Laura Böttinger, Ichi, Siti Ajeng Anggrek Fatimah, Yohozua Karma, Nindya Putri Catur Permatasari, Arisma Ranisa