Pottporus Festival

Concept and coordination

April 2011 – November 2012 | Bochum, Herne

Concept, PR and coordination

U35 – WORT, TANZ, BILD, KLANG unterirdisch

Artist support

Festival back office

The Pottporus Urban Street Art Festival is an integral part of the cultural scene in the Ruhr region since 2005. Every fall Pottporus invites international street artists from the fields of word, image, sound and dance to come together and show their skills.
Pottporus establishes art in extraordinary places just as in tube stations, former waiting rooms and market places. It is to attract peoples attention in their daily routines and get them to be part of the cities cultural and art szene.

Basic components of the festival:

Regional and internationally renowned street artists meet and in diverse in- and outside gallery formats show current developements in the street art scene.

Some of the best international dancers battle in groups, duos and solos in different categories just as bboy, hip hop and popping.

_Dance Lab
Artists of all kind are regularly invited to show their experimental works and work-in-progress in the fields of word, dance, picture and sound.

Teacher of the Pottporus Dance School and other street artists and urban dancers pass on their knowledge and teach in festival relevant subjects and matters to anyone who is interested.


Pictures by Tanja Engel

In the pictures: Cream, Dodzi Dogban, Zekai Fenerci, Bettina Masuch, Dany Mba, Manuel Meller, Pomesone, Bertram Müller, students of the Pottporus Dance School